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Green Lantern

DRINK MATCH: Lime Gatorade

You want to know something? Peter Sarsgaard is a wonderful actor. And Ryan Reynolds, though not on the same level, is solid and underrated. That said, GREEN LANTERN is a film that couldn't be carried by the greatest thespian all-star team. It's not for lack of talent anywhere in the production, but this is a comic book hero that honestly is not meant for the movies. The ability to conjure up any inanimate object you can think of as a vehicle for action and fighting scenes is just too surreal for this mainstream medium. It's a certain kind of wild fantasy that has a perfect home in comic books and graphic novels. To get through this one, you'll want to make sure your body is at maximum nourishment. We recommend electrolyte-heavy Lime Gatorade.

Go on, take a sip..

Hal stops to have a drink with his lady before saving the world.

Someone should cut Hector off.. he doesn't look so good.