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DRINK MATCH: Scotch whisky

Everyone loves a good rags-to-riches story, and Tony Montana (Al Pacino) quickly rises above dishwasher status in Brian DePalma's mangum opus, SCARFACE. Before long, he masters the art of running "errands", develops a serious problem with authority, and gets the girl (Michelle Pfeiffer). When curling up on the couch enjoying this classic "American Dream" tale, channel your inner gangster with a nice glass of Scotch Whisky on the rocks. If you're a big baller throwing a SCARFACE viewing party, get the good stuff. There's plenty to choose from, but you can never go wrong with a bottle of Johnnie Walker. Box Office Mojito is partial to Blue Label.

Tony getting high on his own supply.

"What do you want to drink? Scotch, gin, rum? What do you like?"
Frank isn't as picky.