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The Hangover Part II

DRINK MATCH: Singha Beer

Did you see THE HANGOVER? If you did, then you've seen THE HANGOVER PART II. The first movie's script gets a location change to Thailand, but not much else. They black out. They lose a guy. They spend the movie trying to retrace the steps of a forgotten decadent evening. And there's an exotic animal involved. There's even Mike Tyson. Thankfully the film possesses a talented cast (other than Tyson), which helps to drag the audience through the déjà vu experience, and actually it does have its moments. As for the drink match? Though there are a number of cocktails trying to attach themselves to this box office juggernaut, we're going with the obvious and delicious Thai pale lager, Singha Beer. In our opinion, if there's one thing this tepid movie can do other than make a bajillion dollars, it's help the underrated brew see a few more summer cookouts.

"We did something really awful.. we made the same movie twice."