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Three Amigos


When three out-of-work actors head to Mexico, you know there will be Tequila involved. They'll need plenty to dull the pain inflicted from the infamous El Guapo and his gang of violent Mexican banditos in this classic case of mistaken identity via telegram. THREE AMIGOS boasts a trifecta of comic Hall of Famers: Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short - and places them in many classic "Western" situations such as gunfights, campfire singing, and Tequila sipping. Looking for a specific recommendation? There is a plethora of material, including product reviews, at

"We don't have no beer.. just tequila."

Watch the bartender serve Dusty, Lucky, and Ned their first taste of tequila.

Just one drink, and then they'll be ready to sing and dance.

Watch the amigos sing "My Little Buttercup."

Someday you may need to conquer your own personal El Guapo. FYI, he likes sweaters.